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Gun men brakes into army estate in Abuja abducts 2 soldiers.

In the late hours on Thursday night in the Nigerian army estate in Abuja the FCT on Nigeria, gunmen suspected to be terrorist broke in and abducted 2 soldiers. gathered that the incident, which happened at about 10:00 p.m. in the Phase 2 area of the estate. In a statement from the neighbour of the kidnapped victims, it was said that “It all started at about 10:00 We suddenly started hearing gunshots, and immediately we knew something was wrong. I quickly went out to make sure my gate was well locked.

“Then we heard the gunshot in the barrister’s house, and then we alerted the estate’s management, who immediately swung into action. In a short time, army people came around and started shooting too, but before they came, the kidnappers had taken the wife and one of the in-laws of the barrister.

“This is really traumatising because we could not sleep throughout the night due to fear of the kidnappers coming back. President Tinubu should please help Nigerians put an end to this barbaric act by the kidnappers.
We can recall in the past weeks about in reoccurrent attacks by terrorist in the Fedral Capital Territory of Nigeria, a high level of Kidnapping and other related crimes have been perpetrated.


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